Complete refurbishment

Mossèn Fèlix Paradera

The kitchen was opened up to the dining room, allowing maximum use to be made of the space. An open breakfast area was integrated, which in turn presents an ideal space for appliances that are difficult to place, such as the coffee machine.

It features a central island with side cascades and an open bar area for seating.

In addition, the traditional extractor hood was replaced by an elegant hood flush with the false ceiling. A strip of LED lights was installed, which provide a differential value in the lighting of the space and help to highlight the properties of the materials.

Another interesting detail is the installation of a retractable stainless steel socket.


  • AC5 parquet
  • LAMINAM WHITE ABSOLUTE porcelain countertop

OB Furniture

  • Combination of FÉNIX Broken White laminate with KOBE laminate with J-profile handle in Barenia color
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